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Bored? Looking for something to do this weekend? Live in or around the state of New York? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place. If you have answer no to one or more of the questions, well, you still may have come to the right place.

So where have you come?, New York’s online car show calendar. You can find all of New York’s best car shows right here.

“How many car shows can New York have?” You might say, “I have heard of the NYC Auto Show, the Syracuse Nationals, the Buffalo Auto Show and a few others, but really enough to have a whole car show calendar?”

Not Just The Big Boys

The simple answer Yes. Sure everybody has heard of the big ones, the NYC Auto Show, the Buffalo Auto Show and the Syracuse Nationals, but there are plenty of other shows that are definitely worthwhile. Sure the big shows are great and we love to attend them, but let’s face it, they are kind of few and far between.

What if you don’t want to wait 6 month to a year for the next big show. Once again, that is where the smaller shows come in handy. In fact you will find that every month there quite a few shows going on and in many weekends there are 2 or 3 show to pick from.

The Benefits of Smaller Shows

Smaller shows also present some unique advantages that the big named shows don’t. For one, the vast majority of the car shows have free admission. This of course means you get to see the cars for free, but also often times means free live entertainment and food.

Instead of being based around brand new cars, many of these car shows that feature a more selective choice of cars. Most car shows are theme based.

Classic Car Shows

A common theme for many car shows is the classic car show. These shows usually don’t allow cars that were manufactured after 1970. You can expect to see many Ford Model T’s, corvettes, hot rods and many antique cars.

These shows often present a 50’s style theme, 50’s music, 50’s garb and 50’s dance. For those who wish to remember their younger years and the good old days, these may be the shows for you.

There is also a good selection of car shows that gather together lovers of a certain make or model of car. Some of the themes for New York car shows are: All Corvettes, All Fords and even All Lincolns.

Whatever type of car show you are looking for you are sure to find it here at Check out our 2015 New York Car Show Calendar to see what is going on this year in the state of New York.

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Top Car Shows
Stand Against Suicide Car Show
While the Stand Against Suide Car Show will have plenty of great cars, free food, bands all day a 5k run, it is a show for a bigger cause...

Two Nations 1000 Islands Extravaganza
The Two Nations 1000 Islands Extravaganza is a show for all types of vehicles. Be it hot rods, tuners, motorcycles or antique vehicles You can find it all at this show...

Antique Auto Parts Swap Meet
What ever type of Auto part you are looking for you can find it at the Antique Auto Parts Swap Meet...

Thrilla in Marilla 2012
One of the larger car shows you will find in New York. Last year over a 1000 show vehicles and 900 motorcycle showed to the Thrill in Marilla...

Moreau Rec Park Car Show
The Moreau Rec Park Car Show is a day of fun for the whole family. Not only will find plenty of great cars, you will also find activities going on the whole day...