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2012 NYC Car Show / New York International Auto Show

Date: Friday, April 6th -
Sunday, April 15th, 2012
Where: Jacob Jabits,
NYC, New York
Cost: Adult - $15.00
Child - $5.00
Group - $13.00
More Info:

Its official name is the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), but is also known as the New York Auto Show, the New York Car Show or simply the NYC Car Show. For simplicity we will be referring to it as the NYC Car Show and because to be quite frank New York International Auto Show is kind of a pain to type over and over again.

Back to the point, the 2012 NYC Car Show. It is considered by many, the best car show NYC and the entire state of New York have to offer. We will leave discussion for a later time, but it goes without saying the NYC Car Show is definitely one of the top five car shows New York has to offer.

The NYC Car Show can also be included in another top five list, the top five most important car shows the US has to offer. You have the LA Auto Show, the Chicago Auto Show, the Detroit Auto Show, the SEMA show in Las Vegas (no we’re not invited, it is for dealers and industry leaders and is not open to the public) and last, but certainly not least the NYC Car Show.

Show About The Future

What makes the 2012 NYC Car Show so special that it can be include in the top five most important car shows in the US. Ever watch a 50’s or 60’s SciFi flick. With all the flying cars of the future that were supposed to be here in the year 2000. Ya, we laugh about it now, but what made those flicks interesting was they were a guess at the future.

Nothing has really changed, sure we know there were no flying cars on the highway in the year 2000, but we still look to the future with expectation and curiosity. While it’s true, you won’t find out what type of cars we will have in 50 or even 25 years, you will see plenty on what to expect in 5 years and all you need to know about the next year’s cars.

Here are some of the concept cars that debuted in the 2011 show.

NYC Car Show 2011 Concept Cars

  • Dodge Avenger Mopar/Magneti Marelli rally car
  • Lexus LF-Gh
  • Nissan Leaf NISMO RC
  • Scion FR-S Concept
  • Suzuki Kizashi Apex, EcoCharge concepts
  • Infiniti IPL G Convertible concept
  • Mazda Minagi
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class concept
  • Saab PhoeniX
  • Volkswagen Bulli

Now you are probably starting understand why the NYC Car Show is a favorite for New Yorkers and one of the most important car shows of the USA. So be sure not to miss this year’s 2012 NYC Car Show